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Krylyn Peters Jun 1, 2010

Songwriting is My “Drug of Choice”

My name is Krylyn (pronounced cre like in creative and lin like in Linda). I have a confession to make. While other teenagers were experimenting with drugs, alcohol, sex, etc., I was in my room with a pen, notebook, and Casio keyboard writing lyrics, melodies, harmonies, and rhythms. Saturday nights were spent recording vocals. I avoided chores, homework, and social activities to finish songs. And I was often preoccupied with how and when I would write my next song. My name is Krylyn. I am a songwriting addict.

For many years, I was in recovery from my addiction because I allowed it to fall to the back burner as I dealt with life’s twists and turns. Luckily, I had another passion: counseling. And it was much more clear to me how I could get paid to do that.

But, as with most addictions, my need for another fix continued to resurface. I had to find a way to either let go of it or incorporate it into my life. At last, I surrendered to its power and now use it regularly (in moderation).

Looking back, I realize songwriting originally was a way to cope with a family plagued by alcoholism and mental illness. It has helped me heal, make sense of life, and connect with others. I thought if it worked for me, it just might help others.

I started to incorporate songwriting ideas and concepts into my work with clients, which developed into a songwriting therapy™ program. I began doing presentations at professional conferences, such as the American Counseling Association. And then, I started writing songs (and released my own CD) based on my work with clients, addressing common issues and themes, such as the therapeutic relationship between client and therapist, being diagnosed with a mental illness, facing fear, change, depression, suicide, and borderline personality disorder.

While life still gets in the way of my addiction, I am now committed to both of my passions: songwriting and counseling. I’m excited to share with you what I’ve learned along the way and invite you to join me by having an open mind and maybe even taking (or writing) a hit of your own.

Krylyn Peters is a counselor and singer/songwriter (aka songwriting therapist™) who uses the power of music and sound for healing.

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