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Tara Vossenkemper is an Assistant Professor and counselor educator with Central Methodist University, along with the founder and a practicing counselor with The Counseling Hub, LLC (located in Columbia, Mo). Tara specializes in working with relationships (using Gottman Method Couples Therapy), anxiety, existential issues, and spirituality. You can read more about Tara and The Counseling Hub at www.thecounselinghub.com


  • Conversation Hacks – How to Hear and Feel Heard

    Apr 25, 2017
    SO, my client was asking about how to bring up something with their partner. They wanted to bring something up that hurt their feelings, but they were wary of their partner getting defensive, feeling hurt, or turning the tables and making it about them.
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  • The Terror! Existential Issues in Counseling

    Apr 13, 2017
    “No one can advise and help you, no one. There is only one way: go within.” –Rainer Maria Rilke
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  • A Simple Guide to Healthy Relationships

    Apr 11, 2017
    If you work with couples, non-monogamous relationships, are in a relationship, want to be in a relationship, or are recovering (and reflecting) on what went wrong from a recent break-up, then this is a good place to be.
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  • Why Not Taking Things Personally is a Spiritual Practice

    Apr 04, 2017
    You and I both know what I’m talking about here. We can either recognize it within ourselves or we can see it pretty clearly when we’re working with clients. It’s when people put their reactions/feelings/problems onto another person without a) reflecting on their own role in the situation, and b) reflecting on the notion that how the other person showed up is highly likely reflective of them (and not you).
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  • Integrating Spirituality into Counseling

    Mar 28, 2017
    For starters, let’s take a minute to review last week’s post on spirituality in counseling. (1) It’s hard to define. (2) It’s hard to research (see point A). Easy enough to recap, right?
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