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Suzan K. Thompson, Ph.D. is a licensed professional counselor with over 30 years experience. She helps adults learn practical tools and strategies to manage anxiety, depression and trauma. For more tools please visit:


  • Toolkit for Transformation: Allow Yourself to Fail

    Mar 28, 2017
    The strategy for this week invites you to actually fail! Often we create extra stress and pressure in our lives by believing we simply cannot experience failure. Keep in mind that “experience failure” and BEING a failure are two very different things. It might help if you remember when and how you learned your greatest lesson.
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  • Toolkit for Transformation: Affirmations

    Feb 22, 2017
    Our brains are wired to notice what is wrong in our environment. That’s intended to be for our survival, but it means we are primed to think negatively. We really have to work to create a positive outlook! So you’ll want to practice, practice, practice this Toolkit for Transformation strategy.
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  • Toolkit for Transformation: A Quick 33 Seconds

    Feb 07, 2017
    Guided imagery has a solid body of research that supports its use for a variety of concerns, from improving performance with professional athletes to helping cancer patients heal, and from reducing blood loss during surgery to accelerating weight loss.
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  • Addressing Internal Blocks

    Jan 03, 2017
    As we prepare for 2017, many of us start to think about creating New Year’s resolutions. It’s not uncommon to stumble and give up after a few weeks. It can be challenging to establish new habits, even for the most dedicated of us! Below is a list of common internal blocks that can sabotage the best efforts toward reaching goals.
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  • Toolkit for Transformation: Dance! Shake it Up, Baby!

    Dec 15, 2016
    Did you know that DANCING is good for your mental health?! According to a 2013 article by Scott Edwards from a Harvard Newsletter from the Mahony Neuroscience Institute dancing has such positive effects on the brain that it’s being used to treat individuals with Parkinson’s disease.
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