Susan Jennifer Polese

Susan Jennifer Polese

Susan Jennifer Polese is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in New York and a certified Life Coach. As a Licensed Professional Counselor she offers counseling and coaching through her practice, Mindful Counseling & Coaching, in Ridgefield, Connecticut. She is a certified sexual assault and interpersonal violence counselor/advocate. Her areas of interest are somatic experiencing, mindfulness, LGBTQ counseling and creativity in counseling. Susan is a journalist and an award-winning playwright, whose work focuses on social justice.


  • A Season of Gutsy Moves

    Dec 19, 2011
    The year before last my husband and I began a gutsy tradition – gutsy if you were brought up in the Roman Catholic faith that is, as we both were – we decided to forgo celebrating Easter. Yes, out of the clear, blue sky we pulled a three-sixty and began welcoming that celebrated spring holiday just as any other day.
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  • Be The Change You Wish to See

    Dec 13, 2011
    Whatever our theoretical leanings as counselors acting as our authentic-selves and being in the present with our clients is essential. This is taught in school, experienced in internship, and is reinforced in supervision. It is expected in agency work as well as private practice. This state of being for helping professionals is ethical and appropriate. No matter where we are in our training or careers, counselors aspire to this – be there with the client.
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  • The Stuff That Counseling Is Made Of

    Dec 06, 2011
    My mother passed away on a warm evening late last May. She left this earth in the manner of her choice; at home, surrounded by her loving family. My beautiful mom – my father’s wife of sixty-two years and my daughter’s grandma - was gone.
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  • An Invitation to Reclaim that Spark

    Dec 01, 2011
    I was clearly uncomfortable and clearly trying to hide it. As a newly certified life coach working with a married couple in crisis I sat with them in my office resisting the urge to wring my hands. I periodically nodded with empathy, peppering my interaction with encouragers. Was the temperature in the room rising? Or was it just me?
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