Stephanie Dargoltz

Stephanie Dargoltz

Stephanie Dargoltz is a bilingual counselor who works at a private practice in South Florida with children, adolescents, and adults. Her interests include Sport Psychology/Counseling and plans to pursue these careers in the near future.

  • El Juego de la Vida ( The Game of Life )

    Apr 10, 2012
    Como Aplicar la Psicología Deportiva a la Vida Diaria: Una Sinopsis Todos los días escogemos entre jugar el juego de la vida o quedarnos apartados observando---inevitablemente esperando que la vida juegue con nosotros. Siempre tenemos la oportunidad de mejorar nuestra condición por varios tipos de entrenamientos --algunos físicos y casi todos mentales. Puede parecer obvio, sin embargo, la pregunta permanece la misma: porque nos quedamos paralizados en vez de luchar contra la corriente y salir adelante?
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  • Escreve

    Nov 10, 2011
    Let’s talk about writing. What function does it serve in our lives? Forget business proposals or academic essays, but think in a psychological sense. Why do we write?...and even more so, why don’t we write?
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  • Their Round Table

    Sep 28, 2011
    Let’s close our eyes for a moment and picture a round mahogany Victorian table filled with biscuits, pastries and wine set below a breathtaking chandelier with just the right amount of poignant light. Now let’s look around at the inhabitants of this room: Sigmund Freud, Viktor Frankl, Irvin Yalom and Martin Seligman. Four great scholars from different eras and mindsets celebrating their similarities and philosophies. They observe one another in detail, they speak and listen delicately as if not to miss a word and they seem overjoyed about this extraordinary gathering. “Let’s make the most of this meeting!” says Seligman, “Let’s find its meaning,” adds Frankl, “What a great group this makes!” cheers Yalom, ”Oh wow, is this a dream?” ends Freud.
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  • Our Latent Truth?

    Aug 23, 2011
    What is the real reason we become counselors, psychologists, therapists, and psychiatrists? While being in the mental health profession equates belonging to the famed cliché of wanting to "help people," is there typically a deeper meaning that draws us in? Do we really want to help ourselves?
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  • The Power of Travel

    Jul 21, 2011
    Miami. Paris. Costa Rica. Fiji. New York. The places you could see once you step out your door are endless—places that exceed your expectations and that seem painted by mere imagination. Many of us crave to be wanderers and explore the earth inch by inch and others simply love the idea of getting away from the mundane rituals of everyday to breathe and renew their energies. Whether dancing in Carnaval in Brazil, swimming in the Great Barrier Reef, floating in the Dead Sea or sipping whiskey in a Tennessee rodeo, traveling allows us the opportunity of momentarily being whoever we choose and most importantly, seeing how the rest of us —in different corners of the world—live and love. We become witnesses, journalists and sociologists who observe, analyze and imprint what we see into our mental notebooks and psyches; we marvel. In this way, traveling can be an essential part of life and an ingredient for strong mental health.
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