Stacee Relcherzer

Stacee Reicherzer

Stacee Reicherzer is a counselor, a faculty member at Walden University, and a private consultant with special interests that include: transgender issues in counseling, lateral (within-group) marginalization, and sexual abuse survival.

  • The Transgender Miss Universe and Ludicrous Beauty Standards: My Take on Jenna Talackova’s Story

    Apr 09, 2012
    Over the past week, I’ve been following the story of Jenna Talackova, the transgender woman who is competing in the Miss Universe Canada pageant. This is an exception for me- as both a transwoman and a counselor who works with the population, I’ve learned that a good strategy of self-care is to avoid following individual transgender stories in the popular media and to encourage vigilance for transgender clients who choose to do so. Invariably, the public’s reactions to the lurid element of transgender lives that the media exploits largely range from voyeurism to disgust and dismissal. Think back to any positive images of transgender persons in the media that you’ve ever seen in which it was evident that the media was attempting to share a message of hope, healing, or just a feel-good story. I believe you get my point. This story, however, combining my love/hate relationship with beauty pageants with my concerns for transgender liberation, has attracted me like a honeybee to a glass of sweet tea at a backyard barbecue.
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  • “The Hunger Games” as an Invitation to Social Critique: A Step in Dialogue About Media Exploitation?

    Apr 03, 2012
    I’m often a day late and a dollar short when it comes to social movements. I was the last in my circle to get a smart phone. Until late last year, I still watched the same box television that I’d bought for my first apartment 20 years ago. I almost never read the same books that everyone else is reading (Tina Fey’s “Bossypants” was a fun exception) and I miss most of the blockbusters until they’re out on DVD. I was extremely pleased with myself for seeing “The Hunger Games” last night, then, just a few days after its release. No, I didn’t read the book (See? I’m just not up on what’s hot).
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  • The News Media and the Serene Counselor: Balancing “The Need to Know” with Serenity

    Mar 20, 2012
    Like many of you, I’ve learned some valuable skills over the years that help me stay grounded during even the most stressful professional times. This is a work in progress, and I don’t always stay as serene as I would like, but I have what generally amounts to a healthy wellness practice that keeps me in the moment and sustains my work as a counselor.
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  • Back to the Blogosphere!

    Mar 05, 2012
    First, let me apologize for my lengthy hiatus from the blogosphere. I’m back, and in the words of George Thorogood, b-b-b-b-bad to the bone. Just kidding. What prompted me to return is to share an experience I had with a friend whom I’ll call “Carol” over lunch recently. Carol and I were counseling interns together a few years ago. We went separate directions- she built a private practice and I headed for the ivory tower of academe.
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  • Put the Naysayer to Bed: You Can Change the World

    Mar 04, 2012
    For some years now, I’ve been really attracted to an idea that began for me when, early in graduate school, I read “Being a Wounded Healer” by Douglas Smith. I appreciated the book for the fact that its emphasis was on how helping professionals, including counselors, use knowledge gained from our own experiences of pain to help others. A large part of the appeal was in my awareness that, like many of you, I came into this work to help make the world something different. I wanted to assure that the acute pain I had felt as “other” that was part and parcel of developing a transgender identity while growing up in South Texas would not be something others had to face.
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