Shannon Gonter

Shannon Gonter is a professional counselor in Louisville, KY who works with young adults and specializes in mens issues. She strives to create a counseling environment that men and young adults can relate to, feel heard in and find new solutions to their negative patterns in. Learn more about her and the services she provides at

  • Fear of Networking

    Sep 17, 2021
    When I opened my private practice and started reading about the “powers of networking”–how if I didn’t do any marketing, or have a social media strategy, or didn’t make sure I was networking, that I wouldn’t succeed.
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  • 7 Business Models for Private Practice

    Feb 09, 2021
    In school, we are taught that there are a few different places we can work as mental health and wellness professionals: community agencies, hospitals, and private practice. While in school, we don’t understand the full inner workings of all these settings; after we graduate, we don’t always figure out much more. We graduate, get a job and the bulk of us forget that we have other options out there.
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  • For Clients: What Are the Benefits and Risks of Counseling?

    Nov 17, 2020
    Counseling is a collaborative process which involves the development of a confidential, unique, therapeutic, helping relationship. This relationship is unlike any other as mental health therapists act as facilitators to help clients better understand themselves, the world around them, their feelings, and their behaviors.
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  • Before, During and After a Networking Event

    Aug 17, 2020
    With most important things in life, there are multiple steps and items to keep in mind before, during and after said event. So networking isn’t going to be any different (and yes networking is important). So let’s jump right into it.
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  • Meditate to Calm Chaos

    Jul 02, 2020
    Being in a state of chaos or a prolonged state of chaos can cause immense amounts of stress within your body and mind. When stress arises, a lot of us shut down, overreact or lose track of what needs to be done. Meditation and mindfulness can help.
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