Sexual Wellness in Counseling

SWIC is comprised of a group of individuals who value the richness and complexity of human sexuality. Intentional efforts are made to advocate for sexuality education and training of professionals and students through a multi-dimensional approach. Sexual wellness elucidates the salience of sexual freedoms, rights, and expression while honoring the holistic exploration of the human existence. SWIC advances this sentiment by providing support and guidance to professionals and students that recognize the imperative nature of sexual wellness.

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  • College Student Sexual Wellness: What Should Counselors Know?

    Apr 30, 2020
    As a college counselor, I am ever-curious about what students believe is crucial for us to be aware of while working with them. Though college students are often given resources on physical sexual well-being from their campus health centers, I wondered what college students might believe about the connection between sexual wellness and mental health
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  • Children and their future intimate relationships

    Apr 27, 2020
    Intimacy; it’s what keeps relationships together after they’re already formed. It’s the bond that’s built between individuals that grows as their relationship furthers itself. But, how do we know what intimacy is?
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  • Sexual Agency Inherent in Self Exploration and Mental Wellness Among Women

    Apr 16, 2020
    Sexual agency is paramount to personal liberation as it intersects with one’s overall mental well-being and quality of life. When a woman is aware of her own sexual agency, she is aware that her power starts from within.
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  • … And Justice For All.

    Mar 03, 2020
    As we explored the challenges and successes of that era, someone posed a question referencing the motivation and activism of our current generation. This particular response caused me to pause and ask for clarity.
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  • Are We Embracing Religion as a Component of Our Sexual Selves?

    Nov 12, 2019
    “As a Christian, how do I teach my daughter about sexual expression without endorsing premarital sex?” This was posed to a group of mothers who were discussing the challenges of child-rearing in a sexualized society.
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