Rosjke Hasseldine

Rosjke Hasseldine

Rosjke Hasseldine is a mother-daughter relationship therapist, speaker, and author of The Silent Female Scream & The Mother-Daughter Puzzle. Rosjke teaches mental health professionals how to become a Certified Mother-Daughter Coach.

  • How caring flows backwards from daughter to mother

    Jun 01, 2018
    In this blog I talk about a dynamic I see often between mothers and adult daughters, where “the river of nurturing flows backwards” up the generations from the adult daughter to the mother.
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  • Mother-Daughter Coaching, is that a thing?

    May 22, 2018
    In this blog I tell the story of how I came to pioneer the mother-daughter relationship specialism. It’s been an interesting journey that has taught me to believe in my work, even when others didn’t. And to recognize that opportunities present themselves when you least expect them.
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  • What do mothers need?

    May 14, 2018
    In honor of Mother’s Day I am dedicating this blog to exploring what mothers need, because this question is rarely asked. Historically, mothers have not been asked what they need and still today, this question is missing in many families.
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  • Sandeep’s relationship with her mother – a case study

    May 02, 2018
    In this blog I tell the story of Sandeep (name and identifying details changed) who came to see me because she was feeling angry and depressed.
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  • What is a payback mother or mother-in-law?

    Apr 20, 2018
    A payback mother or mother-in-law is a woman, usually in her sixties or seventies, who is emotionally exhausted. After a lifetime of taking care of her family she is angry and all given out.
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