Pete Saunders

Pete Saunders

Pete Saunders is a counselor in training at Capella University. He also writes a weekly blog and conducts a weekly video interview on manhood at

  • Opportunity Cost

    Mar 01, 2011
    My wife wants to become a vegetarian and then a vegan. She feels that the benefits of lowered cholesterol, lessened chances of developing diabetes and cancer are convincing enough to switch to this new lifestyle. The challenge is that she is not yet willing to give up certain things, primarily chicken and turkey. I must admit that this stance, while not uncommon, has arrested my interest. I think about the man who loves his teenage daughter but does not have a relationship with her because, as he puts it, she is stubborn, self-centered, and does not appreciate being disciplined. Almost sounds like a normal teenager to me. I also consider the person who is persistently late for appointments and comes across as not being respectful of other people’s time. I mull over what keeps a husband unfaithful to his wife, especially when he wants to remain committed. So I wonder, why is positive change so hard to achieve?
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  • What Is Certain?

    Feb 18, 2011
    To many, the world is in chaos. Everywhere men and women are losing their jobs, their loved ones, their marriages, and their minds. It would seem that the only certainty is that something dreadful is going to happen. The areas of our life that are supposed to be certain are now questionable. People are uneasy and uncertain about how they will manage and may even doubt their importance, or the meaning of their life. In some sense, our lives are dictated by fear, which is no way to live.
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  • The Evolution of Communication

    Jan 24, 2011
    My 4-year old son no longer communicates the way he used to. I have shared in previous articles that he has Cerebral Palsy which primarily affects his speech and mobility. Up until a few months ago, he communicated mainly by gesturing and sometimes with incoherent speech. While his mom and I encourage him to use words, we understand him quite well when he gestures, so I don’t mind it too much. For example, when he is hungry, I simply take him to the refrigerator or cupboard and ask him to show me what he wants to eat. It never fails.
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  • Where Is My Father?

    Jan 10, 2011
    Seventeen year old Rien and her 15 year old sister, Brooke, have not seen their father in over seven years. Their relationship deteriorated after the girls’ parents divorced in 2003, depriving them of that close relationship with their father. Becoming a father is a sacred and scary time in a man’s life. Men arrive at this moment almost completely unprepared – no experienced, wise, elderly male appears to us in dream and outline the importance of bonding with our child and how to be a real father. I was ‘lucky’ in this regard. After giving birth to our son, my wife became very ill and spent months in and out of the hospital. During this time, she was unable to even hold our son. I had to be all things to him. The result – my son and I developed an unusual but special bond.
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  • When The Counselor Needs Counseling

    Dec 03, 2010
    Is it a secret to many clients that counselors sometimes also need counseling? Although I have read and experienced enough to believe that self-care is very important to counselors, how do we identify when it is necessary or appropriate for the counselor to be counseled?
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