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Neil O’Donnell is a Senior EOP Counselor at Buffalo State College where he provides personal, academic and career counseling for students during and after their undergraduate journey. Neil also devotes time to educating communities about Obsessive-compulsive Disorder through discussion of his own battle with OCD. Additionally, Neil is an author of books including The Career-Minded Student and Bellwood, OCD and Me. You can find more of his career and stress management advisement at

  • Preparing Clients to Handle Job Interview Stress

    Apr 06, 2016
    Career counselors are often tasked with helping clients prepare for a job interview, an event often fraught with stress, before, during and after. Let’s face it, we all have experience in this, having stressed over how to prepare, what was going to be asked, and what the hiring committee was thinking during & after the actual interview. I wish there was a magic trick to make the stress disappear (there isn’t – I checked)
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  • College Counselors: The Need for a QPR Refresher

    Mar 29, 2016
    With suicide remaining a leading cause of death amongst individuals aged 15 to 44 (Lancaster et. al. 2014: 510), college campuses remain at the forefront of confronting suicide. Fortunately, many college campuses offer QPR training for staff and students to aid in intervention efforts, usually through counseling centers.
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  • Helping Clients Manage Work Stress

    Mar 25, 2016
    Prior to working as a career counselor, I worked in a number of environments: a cook & dishwasher at a restaurant, a college tutor/mentor, a field archaeologist and a museum curator. As each job involved different responsibilities, each job provided its own unique sets of stressors.
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  • The Counseling Space: Notes for College Counselors

    Mar 14, 2016
    At a previous college counseling position, I waited a year before I made any real changes to my new office. I wanted my students to not be further shocked by the resignation of my predecessor.
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  • Managing Stress During a Job Search

    Mar 08, 2016
    For me, the layoff came one week before my wedding. The prospect of starting a new life and a family without a job was frightening to say the least, but there never really is a ‘good’ time to get laid off or fired. Even when employed, looking for a new job can take its toll on a job seeker.
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