Lisa Krystosek

Lisa Krystosek

Lisa Krystosek is a counselor in St. Louis, Missouri. She specializes in Equine-Facilitated Counseling to help adults, adolescents and children improve their lives. To contact Lisa, please visit

  • Horses as Counselors: Summer Camp Stress

    Jul 01, 2013
    Children everywhere are rejoicing! School is officially out and summer is finally here! Many of these kids are busy packing their trunks and will soon be on the road to summer camp. I have so many fond childhood memories of the camp that I attended for two glorious weeks each summer that I just assumed every kid loved going to camp. Not the case. I have talked to several kids over the past few weeks that are dreading the experience.
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  • Horses as Counselors: An Addition to the Herd!

    May 06, 2013
    Mondays may not always be my favorite day of the week, but I am certainly looking forward to next Monday. It will be a big day for me, my family and my practice. Why? Because a darling palomino gelding will be joining our herd.
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  • Horses as Counselors: A Horse is a Horse…

    Apr 16, 2013
    I was watching television today, flipping mindlessly through the channels, when I happened upon an old favorite. Remember Mr. Ed and that famous theme song?
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  • Horses as Counselors: The Importance of Continuing Education

    Mar 28, 2013
    It’s March Madness time! For most, this means college basketball and tournament bracket pools. For some, it marks the end of the Canadian government’s fiscal year. For a select few, it refers to the breeding season for the European Hare. (Can you tell that someone has been on Wikipedia?).
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  • Horses as Counselors: Case Study

    Mar 07, 2013
    I have received many requests for more examples illustrating how horses can be of benefit in the counseling process. So, here is another one! Of course, a few changes have been made to protect confidentiality.
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