Judy Belmont

Judy Belmont, MS, LPC is a mental health and wellness speaker and trainer. She is the author of her publisher's (PESI) 3 book best-selling therapeutic toolbox series, including the recently released 127 More Amazing Tips and Tools For The Therapeutic Toolbox.  Her website, www.belmontwellness.com offers psycho-educational handouts, worksheets and videos for therapists and their clients.

  • The Magic Of Metaphors in Counseling

    Oct 08, 2013
    Using metaphors in our therapy is quite powerful, and at times using the right metaphor seems almost magical.
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  • Quick Social Media Tips for Counselors Using Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Blogs

    Aug 13, 2012
    Hayley Wilson wrote a timely ACA blog post this past week on the questionable merits of counselors using Facebook. After going through a huge social media learning curve this past year, originally spurred on by trying to promote my latest book, I have come to appreciate the power of social media to promote positive messages of emotional wellness. As a graduate student back in the 70s, I never could have envisioned that mental health could be promoted in such an extraordinary way to reach people in every corner of the globe! In this age of increasing use of social media, Hayley’s post was just the impetus I needed to outline some ethical ways to promote mental health and wellness using social media.
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  • Six Lessons I Learned About Growing A Private Practice

    Apr 16, 2012
    As I am starting to wind down and limit my practice in order to spend more time on my speaking and writing, my quest for getting new clients in the door is no longer desired - and now I get more calls! I am amused to find that now that feel I have broken the “code” to learn how to get new clients I no longer want them, and the more I am not looking the more they call! So that my top 6 lessons learned do not go to waste, I decided to share what I learned so that earlier in your career you can benefit from my lessons learned. This is certainly not a definitive guide, but this is how I crystallized what I have found in my own practice.
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  • Helping Your Clients Identify Basic Human Rights ... and Get Their Own Beach Chair!

    Apr 03, 2012
    Recently a very bright, professionally accomplished client in her 40‘s asked me, “Is it okay to have my own thoughts?” She wasn’t kidding - she meant it! Although she had had a Ph.D., and was a sought after speaker and teacher, emotionally she was a “people pleaser” who was taught early on that it was “selfish” to be too stuck on her own thoughts. In her personal life, she was easily swayed by the thoughts and opinions of others, deferring to them so she would not be seen as “selfish. Interestingly enough, we chuckled together over the fact that the message came from her very critical and overbearing mother who demanded that her daughter put her mothers needs over her own.
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  • The 5 benefits of helping your clients learn a new “language.”

    Mar 05, 2012
    As we all know, life can sting. People come to us with all sorts of hurts and challenges in their lives, seeking to heal but just don’t know how. There is no shortage of reasons and ways people feel broken, and besides support and having a safe place to “unload,” they need new tools to move forward. In an earlier ACA blog post, I wrote about use of metaphors and how they can help in the healing process. Metaphors help unlock old habits of thinking and coping, and encourage flexibility in learning new ways to tackle old problems. When methods of coping no longer work, even if it had worked or at least seem to have worked in the past, the role of the therapist as teacher of a “new language” is vital for therapeutic success.
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