Josh Andrews

Josh Andrews is a counselor at a behavioral health agency working with children, adolescents, and families. His professional interests include the spiritual side of humankind, cognitive behavior therapy, reality therapy, and advancing the knowledge and practice of professional counseling.

  • Friday anxiety has come and gone!

    Nov 05, 2010
    In my previous post I informed everyone that I would be trying to complete the whole diagnostic assessment plus printing and scheduling to the referred counselor in one hour. I am here to say that, so far, it has been a success. I have had a couple go over one hour but not too many and it seems to work out fine. I still am able to gather as much needed information to complete the DA and the client/family hardly ever adds anything at the end of the DA upon my “anything else I should know that I didn’t ask about” question.
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  • Will I Now Dread Fridays As I Become the Guinea Pig?

    Sep 21, 2010
    My agency uses the SOQIC forms for assessment, treatment planning, progress notes, and transfer/discharge. These were developed on the state level of our department of mental health and, for the most part, are good forms to use. I use all these forms but as the primary assessor of my agency I use the diagnostic assessment the most.
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  • Crazy Behavior or Crazy Client? Part 2

    Aug 16, 2010
    In a previous post, I discussed recognizing the concept that just because a person is displaying craziness does not mean that we should label the person crazy. Since that posting, I have assessed multiple child clients who came into my office with many labels. These labels consist of “I’m stupid”, “I’m no good”, “I’m crazy”, “I’m bipolar”, “I’m ADHD”, “I’m bad”, “I can’t do anything right”, “I’m the problem”, “I’m Satan”, “I’m a demon”, etc. All these labels should have a valid “because statement” afterwards if they were true, but they never do. I’m sure you could fill in multiple other labels you heard from your clients.
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  • Should a Licensed Professional Counselor get Licensed as a Chemical Dependency Counselor?

    Aug 12, 2010
    Lately, I have been serving more alcohol and other drug (AoD) client’s during assessment and individual counseling. I am not as comfortable with the AoD clientele that I am with MH clientele. My graduate program was focused predominantly on clinical MH issues listed in the DSM-IV-TR and less focused on AoD issues. It was a requirement to take at least one 4 hr class specifically dealing with AoD issues and I learned a great deal.
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  • Self-care in the Midst of Stormy Weather?

    Jul 23, 2010
    Ever think you are riding on a sinking ship? Everything seems to be going well then all of a sudden people are missing or you witness friends jumping overboard. You hear rumors, but of course they are just rumors…right? How is someone supposed to know if it is safe to stay on the sinking ship? You hear that the holes are getting plugged then someone else goes overboard. What to do? What to think?
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