John Sommers-Flanagan

John Sommers-Flanagan is a counselor educator at The University of Montana. For more information on counseling, psychotherapy, parenting, or clinical assessment, check out his blog at

  • Reflections on Listening to Irvin Yalom at the ACA Conference

    Apr 05, 2012
    After a few hectic and overstimulating days at the ACA World Conference in San Francisco, I’ve now secured the back table at a Starbucks in Vancouver, WA for brief written reflection. This reflection weaves quotations (and paraphrases) from the great Irvin Yalom into my own personal conference experiences. My formal conference highlight was watching and listening as NPR’s Craig Windham interviewed Yalom onstage for the keynote. After listening to Yalom’s keynote six years ago, I think the interview format was an ingenious method for capturing a more personal glimpse into Yalom and his writing than a stand and deliver keynote speech.
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