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Joanne Thomas is a Resident in Counseling, completing clinical residency to become a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Virginia. She has discovered her passion of working with youth and provides individual, family and group counseling services. Concurrently, she is completing coursework to obtain her credential as a Registered Play Therapist and EMDR therapy certification to specialize in working with individuals with trauma history.


  • Developing a thorough Case Conceptualization

    Aug 03, 2016
    Case Conceptualization is an integral part of my clinical residency. As I learned in graduate school, it is best to gather information from various reporting sources not just a parent or solely the client.
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  • Ways to utilize Clinical Supervision effectively

    Jul 25, 2016
    I recently have received approval from the Virginia Board of Counseling for an additional clinical supervisor at my current place of employment. I addressed with one of my colleagues some of my concerns and needs from the supervision experience in order to increase my level of knowledge and to receive the necessary support.
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  • Professional Development through Reeducation

    Jul 12, 2016
    While sitting and reading my professional journals, extrapolating as much information as possible; I can it suddenly occurred to me…. Some of the best resources that I have are those graduate school textbooks sitting on my bookshelves.
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  • Developing a Network of Colleagues

    Jul 05, 2016
    As a new professional, how do you develop a network of colleagues within the field of counseling?
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  • Prevention from Burnout

    Jun 21, 2016
    With all of the enthusiasm and excitement of your new professional position, you may inadvertently put too much into that and a lot less into yourself. Always remember self-care… What does that mean to you?
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