Hanna Cespedes

Hanna Cespedes is a counselor working on her PhD at Mercer University located in Atlanta, GA. She is currently working within private practice and hopes to serve her local community through promoting awareness for mental health in all walks of life and breaking the stigma surrounding serious mental illness.

  • Self-Care Vs Selfish

    Mar 13, 2023
    We are a few months into the new year and resolutions have probably either faded or have taken root. Regardless of whichever camp you fall into (we do not judge) I sure do hope that self-care was among one of the areas to focus on this new year. Yes, it is indeed possible to love yourself and care for others; that in and of itself does not constitute selfishness.
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  • Paycheck to Paycheck: Where is my money?

    Aug 04, 2021
    Being a professional student, counselor, trainee, and supervisor while also being supervised is definitely what can be referred to as role confusion! So many new therapists at the beginning of their careers find themselves wearing several different hats from the clinical setting all the way to academia.
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  • May mental health awareness be with you!

    May 24, 2021
    Sure, counselors and therapists out there have always provided support, worked to raise awareness and advocated for mental health long before the pandemic. But this past year or so has been unique and mental health advocates and professionals have stepped up in big ways that could not have been anticipated.
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  • Recounting to Remembering to Reliving

    Apr 30, 2021
    Most of us at one point or another have faced challenges. If we were to be perfectly honest with one another and ourselves (who just happens to sometimes be the hardest person to be authentic with), we would admit that we have been through some type of trauma.
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  • To Connect or not: Dissociation in a Covid World

    Apr 13, 2021
    Life over the past year has looked quite different than years of previous. It is important to focus on how we have survived through this unprecedented time and highlight the strength and patience that you (yes, you reader!) have exhibited over the past year.
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