Gupreet Kaur

Gurpreet Kaur

Gurpreet Kaur is a counselor who works at an outpatient clinic and also has a private practice. She is a doctoral student with professional interests in quantum physics, spirituality, self-actualization, and mindfulness practices as they all relate to counseling.

  • Paradigm shift; Mirrors

    May 05, 2010
    “We are the mirror as well as the face in it.” Rumi, 13th-century poet Last week, I shared the concept of a holographic universe. To reiterate, holographic universe principle gives each of us a chance to be the change agents from where we are. We do not need more money, a more influencing personality, more attractiveness, or more of anything else to bring the change we desire. Today, I am introducing a similar quantum physics concept related to the holographic nature of the universe. What I will talk about today, I will call mirroring as Rumi alludes to it, in the quote above.
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  • What Do Our Beliefs Say About Us and Our Clients?

    Apr 26, 2010
    What do we think of ourselves and our clients? Does that even matter? Yes it does. The assumptions, biases, and beliefs we hold about ourselves and our clients affect everything you and the client do in therapy. The phenomenon called hologram explains how our beliefs (good and bad) about our clients and their conditions may affect their treatment.
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  • Paradigm Shift - Active Observer

    Apr 19, 2010
    We all are observers of reality. This phenomenon of active observer comes from quantum physics. Quantum physicists say that there is no reality without human observation. Quantum physicists have redefined the purpose and beauty of the act of observation, because Newtonian laws are not applicable to the reality of a subatomic world. This phenomenon of an active observer is very much pertinent to the field of mental health. It redefines our roles as counselors and educators. These redefined roles can help us to be change agents at a whole different level. It requires a paradigm shift in how we perceive reality.
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  • Paradigm Shift: Everything is Energy

    Apr 08, 2010
    I had hard time starting off this article. After my introductory article last week, I simply could not figure out where to begin describing this connection between quantum physics and counseling. Quantum physics is so vast and complicated that it creates a cycle of understanding and knowledge, which is hard to break to begin at a certain point. You have to have some basic understanding in order to understand complexity of it, at the same time you need to have some depth understanding of what quantum theory is about in order to understand even the most basic application. So, I decided to take one step at a time to introduce difference aspects of quantum theory and how it can be applicable to counseling. The first principle of quantum physics we need to know and understand is that solidity does not exist at quantum level.
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  • Paradigm Shift, Quantum Physics and Counseling

    Mar 30, 2010
    “We are not bound by the laws of physics as we know them today.” Gregg Braden We are living in the time when a major shift in consciousness is taking place. We might think that drugs, wars, crime, and disasters are at the peak and the reality of today. When we look around, it seems that everything we thought is secured and steady is falling apart. It could be the weather patterns leading to global warming or upcoming ice-age, the horrors of 2012, nuclear powers, or the other global threats to our existence on planet earth. However, we are in a period of time never experienced before by human kind. There is a rapid shift in consciousness that is taking place, which is evident by our inclination toward spirituality, multiculturalism, tolerance of others, and finding ways to help each other more than ever before. Our bloody history of intolerance of others, no matter where we point on the globe, is making us realize how far we have come as far as acceptance and tolerance go. This shift in consciousness is moving us toward new beginnings and peace.
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