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We are all taking 12-15 credit hours per semester, participating in research opportunities, managing work schedules, maintaining a social/family life, or we just transitioned into our New Professional role and have no idea what we are doing! ACA’s Graduate Student and New Professional Blog offers real life vignettes of life, academics, and how to keep yourself afloat despite your crazy schedule. Any suggestions for what you would like to hear more about, please email the Graduate Student Committee.

Columns can be reprinted in full or in part with attribution to the American Counseling Association’s Graduate Student and New Professional Blog.

  • How to Get Involved as a Student Member of ACA

    Jan 31, 2022
    Are you a graduate student looking for ways to enhance your experience in the counseling field? Consider getting involved with a professional organization like the American Counseling Association (ACA)! Professional organizations can help students develop their professional identities, connect with peers and mentors, and create a sense of community. Opportunities for counseling students abound within ACA, and there are numerous ways to grow as a counselor, advocate, scholar, and professional.
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  • Again, We Stand in Solidarity

    Mar 30, 2021
    ACA has called upon its members to confront our own biases, stereotypes, and racial worldview. Moreover, we should work toward challenging and dismantling systemic and pervasive racism.
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  • Developing a Counselor Professional Identity

    Dec 21, 2020
    As a Counselor Educator, I encounter many of my master’s level students struggling with understanding the importance of professional identity within our field. Students often do not understand why counseling professional identity is emphasized in introductory courses. But with some guidance, I hope that you can begin to understand the importance of a counseling professional identity.
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  • Preparing for Doctoral Qualifying Exams

    Dec 08, 2020
    Passing qualifying exams or comprehensive exams is a significant step in a student’s doctoral experience and often is a requirement for candidacy. The pressures of balancing the duties and responsibilities during a Ph.D. program can be overwhelming at times. Navigating a Ph.D. program during a national pandemic is an even more tasking process.
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  • Tips for Navigating the Practicum and Internship Application Process

    Oct 16, 2020
    The Practicum and Internship experience is one of the most significant milestones in a counseling student’s graduate school experience. This is the point of your program where the “rubber meets the road” and you will begin practicing all of the knowledge and skills you have been learning.
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