Grace Hipona

Grace Hipona

Grace Hipona is a counselor in the state of Virginia. She currently serves as a Mental Health Therapist for a clinic, a counselor for a private practice and is a doctoral candidate. She operates from a strength-based perspective.

  • Pets as Part of Our Support System

    Mar 05, 2013
    Fortunately, my family and I have had the opportunity to care for and love a beautiful dog for the last ten years. Her name is Bear, and she is a Chow, German-Shepherd mix. My husband and I adopted her from a dog rescue organization. She was abused and neglected and had already been through so much in her short life of four months when we decided to take her in. Initially, we were going to “foster” her because we had already adopted a dog just six months earlier and didn’t know if we could handle another one so soon after. Of course, once Bear entered our life, I became emotionally attached and the idea of “fostering” her was a thing of the past.
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  • Setting Expectations in Line with Reality

    Jan 30, 2013
    This was a quote that I heard during my masters program several years ago now, and it has stuck with me ever since. Whether we are working with a client, supervisee, or student or in our personal lives, this can be applied. Of course, as with any words of advice, it is easier said than done. Several examples come to mind in my work with all those listed above.
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  • Evolving Philosophy

    Aug 28, 2012
    As you all may have noticed, I have strayed away from my initial subject of supervision in counseling. I felt that I needed to verbalize the significant events that were occurring around me.
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  • “Moments” in Counseling

    Apr 30, 2012
    These are difficult to describe, but you just know when you have one…There is a sense of clarity, connection, understanding, presence and appreciation.
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  • When Supervision Isn’t Enough

    Apr 03, 2012
    I worked with a Masters-level counseling student, “Jennifer,” a number of years ago, and I was her onsite supervisor. She was completing her internship requirement at our agency, and it was the last requirement prior to graduation. The population our agency served was severe mental illness, and the agency was a private, nonprofit providing counseling and case management to this population. The clients were voluntary, stable, living and working in the community.
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