Elena YeeElena Yee

Elena Yee is a mental health counselor in the Wellness Center at Alfred University in upstate New York. She received her MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Rhode Island College in Providence, Rhode Island. She is interested in the healing of trauma through EMDR and IFS, effectively assessing for suicidality, increasing diverse representation in college counseling centers, and advocating for the needs of those most vulnerable in our society. You can learn more about Elena at www.linkedin.com/in/elenatyee




  • A Generation Gap

    Feb 05, 2015
    Diversity comes in many forms and though I have been focused on race, there other aspects of diversity that are just as salient to me. One has been my age and returning to graduate school at 51 years old. This was apparent to me in small ways one of which was in my ethics class and learning about the abuse of the elderly.
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  • The Only One Part II

    Jan 29, 2015
    Being the only person of color in a classroom is nothing new to me. This was the case when I was studying as an undergrad to be an engineer back in the 1980s and when I went to graduate school for a degree in intercultural studies in the late 1990s. In the workplace I was typically the lone person of color whether on the manufacturing floor, in a meeting discussing student support services or teaching English overseas.
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  • The Only One

    Jan 22, 2015
    Having worked as a director for diversity efforts in higher education, I knew that choosing a graduate program in clinical mental health counseling was contingent on its commitment to cultural competence (i.e. privilege, power, bias and discrimination) and diversity in the coursework, training and faculty. For my studies, I want to focus on race, sexual orientation and the intersection of identities that often marginalize people in US American society.
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  • Capturing the Moment

    Jan 20, 2015
    Have you ever thought about those moments that seem, well, momentous? In that there was something in that moment to be acted upon yet too often that moment dissipates like vapor. Then there are those moments that truly have shifted everything for you like sand or sea. The word that captures it best for me is “kairos.”
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  • Open to Ambiguity

    Jan 08, 2015
    To get started for my blog, I had to write a profile and choose a quote. Writing the profile was easy but the quote? Not so much. To find a quote that embodies my life’s philosophy was rather daunting. I imagine that for some folks this is “not a big deal” as one may say. My personality and my upbringing said otherwise. And so, the search was on for that so-called perfect quote that would declare to the world who I am and what I stood for.
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