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Duane K. L. France is a combat veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan as well as a counselor working with veterans in Colorado. He is passionate about helping veterans achieve stability and wellness, as well as raising awareness about veteran mental health. Want to join in the conversation? Read more of his insights at www.veteranmentalhealth.com 


  • The Joy of the Coming of a New Day

    Feb 21, 2017
    There is something about a sunrise that I appreciate more than a sunset. A sunrise illuminates a new day of promise and potential. I’ve seen sunrises all around the world, and when I take the time to appreciate them, I’m able to recognize the joy of a new day.
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  • One of the Most Important Questions about Veteran Mental Health is Who’s Paying the Bill?

    Jan 09, 2017
    There are several challenges regarding veteran mental health, and the combination of them can often make the task of accessing mental health services impossible for veterans. There is, of course, the stigma attached to seeking mental health services.
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  • Four Myths and Misconceptions about Veteran Mental Health

    Dec 14, 2016
    If you are not a veteran, you may have some thoughts about what PTSD is and how it may impact veterans. If you’re a coworker or employer of a veteran, you might think to yourself, “I love veterans. I thank them for their service. I shake their hand on Veteran’s day.” When it comes to sitting at the desk next to them, however, you might be a little more concerned.
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  • Guilt and Grief After Loss: A Veteran’s Burden

    Nov 29, 2016
    If there’s one thing that veterans are familiar with, it’s loss. Sacrifice, by its definition, is to accept loss, and sacrifice is what veterans do. We leave our families behind when we join the military. We leave the familiarity of our environment. When we are in the military, more change, more loss. Moving to a new duty station every three years.
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  • Military Veterans and the Doomsday Clock

    Nov 21, 2016
    While at the 2016 Colorado Mental Health Professionals Conference, I had the opportunity to hear Dr. Irvin Yalom speak about his career, psychotherapy, and existentialism. One key point that I picked up on, out of many, is that clients in therapy often do not approach, consider, or talk about, death and mortality.
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