Doc Warren

Doc Warren

"Doc Warren" Corson III is a counselor and the clinical & executive director of Community Counseling of Central CT Inc. and Pillwillop Therapeutic Farm (

  • A note from a former teen age cutter: it’ll get better

    Jul 31, 2013
    Cutting is not a new thing though I suppose the term is on the new side. Years ago you were not necessarily called a cutter; you may have been called depressed, abnormal, suicidal (though there is a difference between suicidal attempts via cutting and cutting. One utilizes a blade in an attempt to end one’s life while the other utilizes a blade not to end a life but as an attempt to at least temporarily alter a feeling, perhaps to show that they have control over something, perhaps as an attempt to feel anything after becoming numb from abuse, perhaps they are obsessed with the desire to cut or alter their appearance or to show that they are in distress, among others).
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  • On helping clients who have lost focus on the here and now

    Jul 23, 2013
    Sandy* is a lifetime member of the local rod and gun club. She comes from a long line of lifetime members and described herself as being born with a silver shotgun instead of the typical silver spoon. She is very pragmatic, means what she says and says what she means type of gal. She has no time for fancy things, unless it is a new Ford pickup. When you first meet her you see a well built, rugged middle aged woman who obviously works outside for a living; her skin can be described as leather like and wind worn. She holds herself much like a cowboy and most folks who like that sort of style would likely describe her as attractive.
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  • When a career comes full circle; what’s next?

    Jul 10, 2013
    A new career can be the best thing. With nothing to look back upon there is only looking at the present and dreaming about the future. Every tentative step, the checking of the footing as we head into the unknown becomes exciting, thrilling and at times scary as anything you may imagine. The world becomes an adventure, energy abounds and even our setbacks can be exhilarating as we explore ways to overcome them with grace. Sure, there are times when we fall on our faces, but even with the splashing of the mud there is an excitement that makes it kind of fun.
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  • When the neighborhood kid gets arrested for murder: Say it isn’t so Aaron (Hernandez)

    Jul 01, 2013
    I type this after being bombarded with headlines about Patriots player Aaron Hernandez being arrested for murder and other charges. Before I go any further, in the interest of honesty and ethics, I feel that I should tell you that he was once a neighborhood kid who played in my yard and who paled around with my Kiddo, played videogames and ate his share of pasta. I knew him, I know his mumma and she is a wonderful person and parent as well as a colleague who adores her children. I will not pretend that we are close; it has been years since I have seen him and I am sure neither of us gave it a second thought.
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  • Sometimes leadership means having to be looked at as the bad guy

    Jun 17, 2013
    Leadership is something that is often expected of clinical professionals whether or not they are supervisors, directors, owners of private practice or newbies who have just entered the field. Newbies become de facto leaders of their clinical groups, or even viewed as leaders of sorts by their individual clients. Others, as they grow in responsibilities find that they are put in charge of leading whether they want to be or not.
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