Doc Warren

Doc Warren

"Doc Warren" Corson III is a counselor and the clinical & executive director of Community Counseling of Central CT Inc. and Pillwillop Therapeutic Farm (

  • The difference between a belief system and discrimination

    Apr 22, 2016
    Recently I was contacted by a pillar of a community that is currently in the center of a large dispute over what many call “right to hate laws” that are sprouting up around the country. He asked “Does a belief system that differs from other ones automatically get classified as discrimination?”
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  • Why I may leave health care

    Feb 17, 2016
    Sometimes you just get tired. Tired of mountains of paperwork, tired of insurance reviews if you “go outside of the normal expected range” by offering more than one session per week when a client really needs it. Tired of greedy insurance companies dictating care; you can’t do 60 minute sessions more than 15% of the time or face audits, reviews, nasty letters and other legal bullying.
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  • A message to family and friends of clinicians

    Sep 14, 2015
    Sometimes when I get out of work I* am not very good company. I sit at the supper table and nod when you all speak. My eyes seem distant, I may be looking out the window and only answer questions in monosyllabic words that are little more than mumbles. My color looks a bit off, it may be kind of red, it may be kind of pale but it just does not look like my normal shade. I may sit off by myself at social functions or you may find me leaving early. I smile when I know you are looking but often times you see a frown or a confused, lost look when I do not know you are there.
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  • What Makes People Cry?

    Jul 28, 2015
    Part of working in this profession includes helping others not only help others but also make their mark on the profession. From time to time I come across a new professional that shows great potential and invite them to join me on one of my blogs. It’s a pleasure to share a sample of Tawnya’s writing. This is being shared with the authors’ enthusiastic permission. I do hope you enjoy.
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  • That which separates us.

    Jul 22, 2015
    A few weeks ago I found myself at the boarder of two countries. On one side was America and on the other was Canada. All that separated the two countries was a small body of water. One need only to be a good swimmer, have a boat of some kind or drive across the bridge in order to leave one country and enter the next. If driving, be sure to have your passport ready. Lacking a passport, I did not make the trip but instead went on a few good walks on the USA side.
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