Doc Warren

Doc Warren

"Doc Warren" Corson III is a counselor and the clinical & executive director of Community Counseling of Central CT Inc. and Pillwillop Therapeutic Farm (

  • The most common “accidental” frauds seen in smaller programs.

    May 31, 2018
    As someone that has consulted with programs for many years I am still amazed by the amount of misinformation that can be found in existing and new programs especially when it comes to issues surrounding billing, particularly billing when insurance companies are involved.
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  • Guided imagery: How two silver dollars helps save a life

    Mar 08, 2018
    Thousands of miles from home, in a hostile land. Life uncertain never knowing if this breath could be your last. Battles raging, brothers in arms killed or missing, life back home raging as well without you.
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  • The loss of a therapeutic dog and those with post traumatic stress.

    Jan 03, 2018
    To many people a therapeutic pet is nothing more than an animal with a fancy name. They give them little thought and at times complain that the service dog is allowed in offices, stores and other public area that common dogs are not.
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  • I am a Therapist.

    May 08, 2017
    When I started this profession decades ago I never thought I’d be writing this. It's 2017 not 1917 but here we are. We are living this. It IS real.
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  • The psychopathology of greed

    Mar 29, 2017
    The change has been gradual but it has come. The days when I was in Sunday School were filled with missives about doing unto others as you would have done unto you, about turning the other cheek and of sharing love, belongings and shelter to those in need.
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