DeeAnna Merz Nagel

DeeAnna Merz-Nagel is a clinical counselor, teacher, workshop presenter, sat on the ACA Cyber Technology Taskforce, and is co-founder of the Online Therapy Institute

  • LPCs, you are not in the Senate Bill

    Dec 16, 2009
    How important is it for LPCs and LMHCs to be included in the new health bill? I received this important memo today from the Georgia LPCA office and I thought it important enough to post here! Do what you can, even if you only accept private pay clients. Help grow your profession so we are recognized as equal and comparable mental health practioners!
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  • Surveillance: Do You Know Where Those Cameras Are?

    Nov 24, 2009
    I saw a feature on the local news about security and surveillance and I was astonished at how common surveillance cameras are. They are everywhere~ in subway stairways, on street corners, in the grocery store, at major theme parks. And actually, I guess I knew that. We all know that, right? But how many of us walk into a hospital or an office building and don't even notice the camera at the entrance? What happens if the building you lease has a surveillance camera at the entrance or in the building? It seems far-fetched but it might be a good idea to ask when you sign that new office lease.
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  • Is phone counseling and online counseling covered by insurance?

    Oct 29, 2009
    I have been receiving many inquiries asking if online counseling is covered by insurance so I thought I would share what I know with everyone. Early in 2004, the American Medical Association published a new CPT code 0074T that allowed physicians in the USA reimbursement for online consults. The new code was released January 1st, 2004.
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  • ACA March Conference Technology Sessions Look Great!

    Oct 12, 2009
    I recently received the 2010 American Counseling Association conference line-up and the sessions about technology look great! As some of you know or have ascertained, my focus topic much of the time involves the impact of technology on the field of mental health so I was just thrilled to see the terrific choices that will be available this year! One of the sessions is about this blog- so if you plan to attend the conference do come meet us and learn more about how blogging enhances the ACA's mission.
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  • Is Internet Addiction Really an Addiction?

    Sep 24, 2009
    I recently read a blog post by John Grohol of who often debates whether or not internet addiction is "real." This is a debate that has existed for a years now and with the next DSM in development, questions arise as to whether internet addiction and cybersex addiction should be included, and if so, what might be the criteria? What I have found is that it is often a debate of semantics. Is internet addiction real? I think it is real for the people who experience it. I think it is real for the people who describe their lives as out of control due to their compulsive behaviors involving the internet. I think when I client comes to me expressing a desire to change yet is so caught up in the net that they cannot find balance in their lives- well, for that client, I think this internet addiction thing is real. In fact, people actually use those words- "I think I am addicted to the internet." So as a clinician, how should I respond?
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