Dayle Jones

Dayle Jones

K. Dayle Jones is a counselor and associate professor at the University of Central Florida. She is chair of the American Counseling Association’s DSM-5 Proposed Revisions Task Force, which was formed to provide feedback to the American Psychiatric Association on proposed revisions to the DSM-5. Contact her at daylejones@ucf.ed.

  • DSM-5: Can You Hear Me Now?

    Mar 20, 2012
    I recently met some mental health professionals who told me that my blogs on DSM-5 were inflammatory and not helpful to the DSM-5 development process.
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  • DSM-5 Disorganization, Disarray, and Delays

    Jan 03, 2012
    DSM 5 keeps missing its own deadlines and the DSM 5 publication date is fast approaching. I am afraid there is insufficient time left for thoughtful preparation or adequate public input. Here's a brief history of DSM 5's consistent failure to deliver on time:
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