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Christine Hennigan Paone

Christine Hennigan Paone is a counselor in training at Monmouth University as well as an aspiring counselor educator.  Her research interests include creativity in counseling, multicultural career counseling, and pedagogy.

  • Research Identity Crisis?

    Dec 15, 2017
    I’ve reached a special time in my career. My instinct, in every conversation, is to announce, “Hi, I’m Christine. And I just…finished…my…MASTERS!” Queue the applause, balloons, confetti, and trumpet playing kittens. Needless to say, I’m pretty excited.
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  • Creative Technique Spotlight: Comedic Improv Therapy

    Dec 04, 2017
    Recently, I found a research article that reminded me of my wild teenage days. Yes, I was a tough one--- stubborn, defiant, and moody. Difficult? Sure. Typical? Maybe. But my style of resistance was a different brand.
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  • Bibliotherapy: More Than Self Help

    Nov 27, 2017
    Bibliotherapy, like art, music, and movement therapies, is a form of creative arts counseling. While the term was coined in the early 20th century, ancient scholars regarded the curative value of reading so highly that the inscription “The Healing Place of the Soul” adorned early library doors.
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