Brooke Collison

Brooke Collison is professor emeritus of counselor education and a former president of the American Counseling Association. He will be a visiting professor at Kenya Methodist University in Meru, Kenya during the September trimester. Joan Collison will be a volunteer with children in a social service agency during their four-month stay in Kenya.

  • A Counselor Educator in Kenya—Final Preparations (Blog Number 4)

    Aug 22, 2012
    We are one day away from departure. That means the final stages of packing, unpacking, repacking, unpacking again, shifting, discarding, sorting, and squeezing in have about run their course. My 30 pounds of books has become 20 pounds. I look at the ten pound discard stack on the floor of my office and wonder if I shouldn’t pull one out of a suitcase and slip a replacement in. Nope. I’ll stick with my last set of choices.
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  • A Counselor Educator in Kenya--Palliative Counseling: #3

    Aug 13, 2012
    An interesting email came from Kenya last week--a request to teach a short course on palliative counseling. The topic is interesting to me, I have some experience in that area, and I was pleased to think about a course which would have personal meaning for me as well as have critical importance for future (or current) practitioners. The only hitch--the five-day short course would begin just two days (or less) after stepping off the plane! I said, "Yes."
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  • A Counselor Educator In Kenya—Blog Entry #2—Teaching Style

    Aug 07, 2012
    In sixteen days my wife and I will board the first of three planes for a very long trip to Nairobi, Kenya. We will meet the chair of the Counseling Department at the airport and hope to find a good night’s rest before making the four-hour drive to Kenya Methodist University the following day. I don’t anticipate being in good thinking shape after 25 hours of flight from Portland, Oregon to Newark, to Zurich, to Nairobi, so I’m trying to have a good framework in mind for one of the courses I will teach—Human Growth and Development.
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  • A Counselor Educator in Kenya

    Jul 30, 2012
    In a few weeks, my wife and I will travel from our Oregon home to Meru, Kenya, where I will be a visiting faculty member at Kenya Methodist University (KeMU) during the September trimester. A clergy friend who has been taking volunteer groups to Kenya for several years made a suggestion to my spouse, Joan, that, “Brooke ought to volunteer at the Methodist University in Meru.”
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