Brittany Lash

Brittany Lash is an LPC-S in Texas currently managing two inpatient psychiatric units. Her passions are providing care to individuals with serious and persistent mental illness, reworking broken systems, community collaboration, and mental health policy. Her clinical specializations are crisis intervention, risk assessment, trauma work, and providing care for those who have lost loved ones to suicide.  


    Dec 09, 2019
    Anyone trolling Facebook or other social media outlets in the last month has likely seen a viral meme asking the user to post a picture of themselves from 2009 and then another from 2019 so that they and their peers can see the change a decade can make.
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  • A Community in Crisis: When Critical Resources Disappear

    Oct 28, 2019
    As our government continues to decrease funding to states, so to our states decrease their funding for key programs. When this happens mental health tends to be one of the first program areas where funding is cut. Education is also heavily impacted. As a result of these cuts, critical resources often disappear seemingly overnight and without warning.
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  • Leaving a Toxic Workplace

    Oct 07, 2019
    It has been many months since I have been able to post here. In that time, I have left a job, started another one, been promoted, and had a baby. Needless to say, it has been a bit hectic. The place where I am today is a significantly different one than I was in when we last “talked” together. I find myself happier, lighter, and less burnt out.
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  • “Physician, heal thyself”

    Jun 09, 2018
    I had the distinct pleasure of attending the American Pharmacy Association’s Institute on Alcohol and Drug Dependencies at the University of Utah last week. The Institute is an opportunity for pharmacy students and other professionals that work with the pharmacy profession to have a life-changing experience learning about substance misuse, the science of addiction, and recovery options.
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  • What Does It Mean To Be A Supervisor?

    May 24, 2018
    After about an hour of running between offices on different floors of the government office building, I had it. I held the little packet of receipts and forms that heralded a new beginning in my career. I had just filed all the paperwork to become an LPC supervisor in my state. After 40 hours of intense but eye-opening training, my brain was fried but my heart was elated.
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