Ben Hearn

Benjamin Hearn

Ben Hearn is a new professional who is currently working as a school-based counselor. He is passionate about working with trauma and enjoys applying the fields of neuroscience, philosophy, ethics, and psychopharmacology to counseling practice. 

  • The Social Justice and Multiculturalism Paradox

    Jan 23, 2018
    Like many (and probably most) of my fellow counselors, I have taken graduate courses in professional ethics where we’re taught some of the foundational ethical values and practices for our work.
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  • Social Media and Mental Health

    Jan 12, 2018
    I currently work in a high school and have previously experience in a homeless youth center, a wilderness program for adolescents, private practice, and an elementary school. I still consider myself to be young. I graduated and began practicing recently and have yet to hit 30. I like to think that I have some degree of understanding of the world which children and adolescents inhabit are like.
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  • Mental Health and Buddhism

    Jan 03, 2018
    Mindfulness. It’s a term that we have probably all heard over the past few years, as it is quickly becoming a fad of sorts not only in mental health, but also for CEOs, afterschool programs, and medical clinics.
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  • Ships in the Night – Medicine and Counseling

    Dec 13, 2017
    A frequent conversation held in my home is how counseling can support medicine. My husband is currently a medical student in his third year and going through rotations where he sees numerous opportunities where counseling services for patients outside of the doctor’s office could be beneficial.
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  • Childhood Trauma – Fueling the Fire of ADHD and ODD

    Dec 06, 2017
    In South Carolina where I practice, over 11.1% of children are currently diagnosed with ADHD and 13.1% have received the diagnosis at some point. The rural area in which I practice is also fraught with poverty – families often struggle to meet basic needs, high school students are unable to find jobs, etcetera.
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