Anthony Centore

Anthony Centore, Ph.D., is private practice consultant for the ACA, founder of Thriveworks Counseling (with locations in 9 states), and author of the book, How to Thrive in Counseling Private Practice. Anthony is a licensed counselor in Massachusetts and Virginia. Find him on Twitter at @anthonycentore or @Thriveworks.


  • 4 Reasons to NOT Start a Counseling Practice; and 9 Ways to Become a High Paid Agency Employee

    Mar 05, 2012
    I often talk about the benefits of starting a private practice. However, owning your own business isn’t for everyone, and working for a counseling agency is not an inferior alternative. Listed below are 4 reasons to not start a private practice. If any one of the following applies to you, starting a practice may be a bad fit. 1) I need money now!
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  • The Not-So Superbill (and other questionable methods of encouraging private pay)

    Feb 28, 2012
    Counselors have run cash practices since the beginning of psychoanalysis. Today, however, a wave of change is occurring wherein clients are, more than ever, demanding that their counselors accept health insurance. There are many reasons for this, but consider these three points: 1) In tough economic times, clients have less discretionary cash. 2) Mental health parity means that counseling is almost always a covered health care benefit. 3) As counseling has established itself as an important medical service, clients now see their counselors in the same light as their family physicians (who have always accepted insurance). Although these changes have been going on for years, a tipping point has taken place. Today’s clients aren’t sheepishly asking, “Will you accept my insurance?” They’re demanding it.
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  • 5 Reasons why Medical Credentialing Software is Useless for Most Health Practices

    Jul 14, 2011
    Medical credentialing (the process of getting on insurance panels) is a hassle for many health providers. In response to this, several credentialing software companies have popped-up over the last few years, promising that their software will make the credentialing process easier. But will it?
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  • Building A Full Caseload Of Counseling Clients: Forty-plus Quick Tips

    Jul 06, 2011
    I’m often asked how to build a full caseload, frequently with an implicit skepticism, as in, “In this economic climate, it’s impossible!” Yet, some practices are still so full they have waiting lists. What follows are 40-plus quick tips for filling your client roster. They’re a mile wide and an inch deep, but the ideas are a good jumping off point.
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  • Online Social Networking with Counseling Clients: Six “Facebooking” Rules

    Apr 20, 2011
    I have profiles on Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Digg, Reddit, Technorati, Ning, Squidoo, XING, Yahoo Answers, MySpace, Yedda, Furl, Blogger, Wordpress, StumbleUpon,, Yelp, Knol, Facebook, Orkut, Foursquare, and Skype… to name a few.
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