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Jul 20, 2018

VA Issues New Qualification Standards for Professional Counselors

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) issued important new qualification standards for licensed professional counselors on April 3, a step the American Counseling Association has been pushing the agency to take for many years.

The revised standards enable licensed professional mental health counselors (LPMHCs) to fully participate in the VA health-care system, implementing a long-sought shift away from the department’s previous limited and piecemeal approach to working with licensed professional counselors.

“The ACA is very pleased that the VA issued these new standards,” American Counseling Association Chief Executive Officer Richard Yep said. “This marks a milestone in a public policy battle fought by ACA and its members for more than a decade.”

A Look at the New Standards

The revised standards clarify the scope of practice within the VA for professional counselors licensed at the independent practice level and enable professional counselors to work at supervisory levels and serve as program coordinators within the agency. In addition, the new standards enable the VA to recognize and accept doctoral degrees held by licensed professional counselors.

In a summary of the contents and major changes in the revision, the transmittal sheet on the standards noted “the addition of certain doctoral degrees as qualifying education and a Senior LPMHC assignment at the GS-12 grade level.”

“The new standards are effective on the date of this publication, however no action may be taken to convert or promote employees until training and guidance is received,” according to the transmittal sheet.

The new qualification standards will be incorporated into the electronic version of VA Handbook 5005, which is maintained on the Office of Human Resources Management web site.

ACA Members Were Instrumental

Yep praised ACA members for the key role they played in the development of the new VA standards.

“I’m grateful for the advocacy work done by ACA members on this issue,” he said. “This outcome could not have been achieved without their efforts. As a result of the hard work and perseverance of the ACA membership, the association has been able to fulfill its mission of making high-quality mental health care available to all of our nation’s veterans.”

Learn More

The new VA qualification standards for professional counselors are published here in their entirety: VA Qual Standards 

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