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We all face daily challenges in today's complicated and demanding world. ACA’s Counseling Corner Blog offers thoughtful ideas, suggestions, and strategies for helping you to live a happier and healthier life.

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  • Allowing Our Children To Be Children

    Mar 24, 2017
    It seems obvious that, “Children are not little adults.” But we often forget that simple truism in interacting with our children, resulting in unnecessary frustration for both us and them.
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  • Tips For Getting The Most Of That College Visit

    Mar 14, 2017
    The campus visit can be an important step in selecting a college or university. Whether the school(s) under consideration are local, or across the country, visiting the campus provides a first-hand opportunity to evaluate the school and its programs.
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  • Simple Steps That Can Improve Family Ties

    Mar 08, 2017
    Most of us are well aware of how important family is. Our family members are the ones we turn to for love, support and comfort.
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  • Do Your Kids Suffer From Activity Overload?

    Mar 03, 2017
    Most of us remember our childhood days as happy, fun times. Sure, there was school work, but also lots of free time, friends to hang with, and none of the stress we adults face.
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  • Being Aware Of Stress And Its Impact On Your Health

    Feb 28, 2017
    In today's busy world, stress is something we all face to some extent, yet most of us have little understanding of what stress is or of the problems it can cause.
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  • "A Strong Body Makes The Mind Strong"

    Feb 22, 2017
    It was in 1785 that Thomas Jefferson, long an advocate of keeping active and fit, wrote "A strong body makes the mind strong." His preferred method for staying active was long walks, which gave way to horse back rides in his later years. And while you may not have his Monticello estate in Virginia to stroll about, his advice regarding physical activity and good mental health is just as true today.
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  • Are You Aware Of What Professional Counselors Have To Offer?

    Feb 15, 2017
    For most people their only interaction with the counseling profession may have been that school counselor who offered college or career advice back in high school. And while school counselors, from elementary to college level, are all trained professionals who provide a number of valuable services, the counseling profession is actually much wider than that, and offers a range of services that many of us simply aren't aware of.
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  • Avoiding The "Helicopter Parent" Trap

    Feb 08, 2017
    As parents we all want our children to be safe and happy. It's a natural reaction built into our genes ever since our cave man ancestors. Back then they had to protect the young ones or the odds were good that the kids simply wouldn't survive.
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  • Don't Remain Trapped In An Abusive Relationship

    Feb 01, 2017
    Relationship abuse is more common than most people realize. The National Domestic Violence Hotline reports that as many as 12 million women and men in the U.S. were the victims of such abuse last year.
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  • Teens, Messy Rooms and Parental Frustration

    Jan 23, 2017
    Becoming more independent is a normal part of the developmental process and a messy room is an easy, safe way to declare that independence.
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