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We all face daily challenges in today's complicated and demanding world. ACA’s Counseling Corner Blog offers thoughtful ideas, suggestions, and strategies for helping you to live a happier and healthier life.

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  • Taking Control Of Those End Of The School Year Tests

    Apr 09, 2018
    Regardless of grade level, today's students face an endless barrage of tests, especially as the end of a school year draws near. And while such testing often produces important information about how the schools, teachers and individual students are doing, all that testing can seem overwhelming to students unless they have a good plan on how to approach the "testing season."
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  • Sometimes It's Good To Say "No"

    Apr 02, 2018
    Most of the time, most of us want to be good people who are liked by others. When asked to do favors or go a bit out of the way, we usually try to say yes. But research has found that when someone is willing to say "yes" to every request, he or she may end up causing themselves problems. Here are some tips to help in recognizing when saying "no" might be the right answer.
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  • Is Family Counseling Worth Considering?

    Mar 19, 2018
    The problems we face in life may often seem as they are issues and troubles that we have to face and solve alone. The field of family counseling, however, has found that for many issues a much better solution is to involve the whole family in fixing things, even when it is only one or two family members for whom there is a problem.
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  • Have You Been Losing The "Joy" In Your Life?

    Mar 12, 2018
    We all like to feel happy with our lives, but there can often be times when things have us feeling a bit blue instead. While there's no way to make all the stresses and problems of daily life just disappear, there are things we can do to help ourselves more easily handle them and to end up feeling the joy we all should be experiencing every day.
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  • Helping A Child Handle Disappointment

    Mar 05, 2018
    For young children any number of things can leave them miserable and upset. Someone at school said something, they weren't invited to a party, or weren't picked for a sports team. Many of the things that leave a child despondent can seem trivial to adults, but are very real to the child. Helping the child cope with such events is an important part of good parenting.
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  • Knowing When To Ask For Help

    Mar 01, 2018
    Almost no one likes to admit that he or she is unable to cope with all the things life might be throwing at them. Yet virtually all of us can find ourselves in circumstances where we don't really know what to do next and where we find our quality of life is truly suffering. Here is some advice on how to handle such situations.
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  • It Doesn't Always Have To Be A Teen vs. Parent Fight

    Feb 05, 2018
    The teenage years can often be trying times for parents. As children grow and learn to be more independent, they often are in conflict with their parents' rules and desires. While there is no way to eliminate all the conflict, here are some ideas on how to make things more manageable for both parent and teen.
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  • Laughing Your Way To Better Health

    Feb 05, 2018
    "Want to hear a funny joke?" That's a question that many of us don't hear enough. Things that make us smile and laugh are actually important ingredients in a healthy live. Laughing not only makes us feel happy while it's happening, it also turns out it has longer-lasting positive psychological and physiological effects. Here are some ideas to get more "funny" into your life.
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  • Valentine's Day - A Good Excuse To Improve A Relationship

    Feb 05, 2018
    Unfortunately, it's fairly easy to get "used to" and very comfortable in even the most romantic of relationships. That's often not a good thing. Relationships tend to die when one or both partners begin to feel forgotten or neglected. Why not use this Valentine's Day as an excuse to help revive a relationship?
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  • Learning To Listen To The Silence

    Feb 05, 2018
    In most of our lives there's a lot of noise, virtually every minute of every day. Researchers now tell us that trying to find some quiet time in our daily lives can provide a number of benefits, including very real health benefits. Here are some times on how to help "quiet down" your life.
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