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Jun 18, 2020

Will A Driving Vacation Be Safe This Year?

Summer vacation planning has become a more demanding challenge for many this year.  As parts of the country begin to open up, many people are anxious to escape from having been locked down at home and to be someplace different for a while.

Past vacation choices might have meant considering travel overseas or a flight to another part of this country. This year the planning and possible destinations for most of us will probably require different choices. Road trips are the likely choices for many.

If it's possible, getting away for even a short trip can be a good idea. If your family has been on lockdown for most of the spring, a little time away and some enjoyable distractions can bring a number of benefits.

All the time being quarantined has helped to raise the family tension levels for many of us.  Research has shown that even a little vacation time can help us feel more relaxed and less stressed. A vacation trip is not only a chance to do something different, but it offers opportunities to focus on things that are a distraction from the constant health worries of these past few months. Vacations, in general, have been shown to help fight depression and reduce stress levels. When done right, they can be especially helpful in light of the troubling and scary times we have all been facing.

Of course, planning a vacation trip these days can present its own stress and anxiety-producing problems. There are still many questions and worries about commercial airline travel.  Will a possible destination, like a beach or theme park, even be open and safe?

There may also be worries, if overnight stays are involved, as to how safe hotels are going to be. Fortunately, all of the hotel chains report they're making special CDC recommended cleaning and distancing changes to insure the well-being of their staffs and guests.

While not everyone will want to, or should want to, get away from home this summer, if done right a vacation getaway can help you feel more relaxed.  It can be a chance for something different, or perhaps the opportunity to catch up with friends or relatives that haven't been seen in some time.

Do some research to keep your vacation trip planning as safe and simple as possible and you could find a vacation trip this summer is the relaxing change you need.

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