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Membership in ACA of New York is free to all members of the American Counseling Association who live or work in the state of New York. There are no additional fees or membership applications to join ACA of New York. If you are a member of ACA, you are automatically a member of ACA of New York. 

As a member of ACA of New York, you will have access to all of our professional development and networking events across the state for free. Previous professional development topics have included: Depression & Suicide, Working with Military Populations, Working with LGBTQ Populations, Play Therapy, and more! If you are interested in Continuing Education (CEs) for these events, you can return your CE form to ACA with a small fee after the event. 

You also receive our free quarterly newsletter and email updates on counseling events throughout the region. 

If you are not currently a member of the American Counseling Association, there are so many benefits to joining, including your membership in ACA of New York, such as access to professional journals, magazines, webinars, podcasts, practice briefs, discounts and so much more. Learn more by reading about ACA's Member Savings Program

Please note: You cannot be a member of ACA of New York if you are not a member of ACA. However we do reserve some spots at our events for non-ACA member graduate students. If you are a graduate student but you are not a member of ACA, contact our graduate student chair to see how you may be able to attend an ACA of New York event.