ACA Member Logo Guidelines


Q: Who can use the ACA Member Logo?

A: Only individuals who meet both criteria indicated below may use the ACA Member Logo:
* Current ACA members whose membership is active, not lapsed.
* Membership category is "Professional" or "New Professional."  Individuals in the "Student" or "Regular" categories of membership are expressly prohibited from using the ACA Member Logo.

Q: Why was the Member Logo introduced in 2010?

A: The Member Logo was developed based on many requests from members who wanted to display their affiliation with the association in their brochures, on their business cards, and on their websites. 

Q: Is there a cost to use the Member Logo?

A: No, there is no cost to use the logo—it is a member benefit for those in the "Professional" and "New Professional" categories.

Q:  To whom should I direct questions?

A: For questions related to usage of the logo, send an email to:
For questions related to your membership status or to renew/join send an email to, or call 1-800-347-6647, x222


Current ACA Members who wish to use the logo must agree to these conditions:

* If your ACA membership lapses and you choose to not renew, or if you are expelled from ACA due to an ethical violation, you will immediately destroy materials or delete the logos that appear on websites or other electronic sources. Members are urged to select print quantities with this in mind.

* Under no circumstances will you provide the Member Logo to anyone else, even if they are ACA members. Each member must download their own Member Logo. Any violation of this condition for use of Member Logo may be considered a violation of the ACA Code of Ethics and thus subject to terms and conditions outlined in the Code. 

* The Member Logo will be used only according to the specifications listed under "Specifications for Logo Usage." In general, the logo will only be used in the color(s) provided (for electronic uses) and only in black or gray when printed. 

This ACA Member Logo is separate from the ACA corporate logo, which is not to be used under any circumstances by individual members.


C.3.a. Accurate Advertising. When advertising or otherwise representing their services to the public, counselors identify their credentials in an accurate manner that is not false, misleading, deceptive, or fraudulent.

C.3.e. Products and Training Advertisements. Counselors who develop products related to their profession or conduct workshops or training events ensure that the advertisements concerning these products or events are accurate and disclose adequate information for consumers to make informed choices. (see C.6.d.)

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