ACA Member Logo Downloads

By downloading one or more of the following items, I acknowledge that:

  • I understand that use of the ACA Member Logo is a privilege that will be revoked if the Guidelines are violated.
  • I have read and understand the extracted statement from the ACA Code of Ethics (2014 Edition).

  • Extracted Statement from the ACA Code of Ethics

    C.3.a. Accurate Advertising. When advertising or otherwise representing their services to the public, counselors identify their credentials in an accurate manner that is not false, misleading, deceptive, or fraudulent.

    C.3.e. Products and Training Advertisements. Counselors who develop products related to their profession or conduct workshops or training events ensure that the advertisements concerning these products or events are accurate and disclose adequate information for consumers to make informed choices. (see C.6.d.)

Please note that there are now logos for specifically for Professional Members and also logos for all other members. Please use the logo that is appropriate for your member type.

For Websites

Download Images

PC Users: Right click on your chosen image with your mouse and select 'Save Picture As...'

Mac Users: Hold down the Control key and click on your chosen image with your mouse and select 'Save Picture As'

Professional Member Logos

White Background (JPG, 17 KB) Transparent Background (PNG, 3 KB)
Professional-JPG Professional-PNG

Member Logos

White Background (JPG, 8 KB) Transparent Background (PNG, 2 KB)
Member-JPG Member-PNG


For Printed Pieces

A high-reolution JPG or EPS file is recommended for printed pieces. A JPG can be used for for self-printed newsletters or letterhead while the EPS image is recommended for professional printed pieces. The EPS image requires a program such as Adobe PhotoShop or Illustrator in order to open the image.

Special Requests

Please contact if you require a special graphic such as the items below.

  • A reverse color logo (i.e. a white logo with a colored background)
  • A higher resolution image file
  • A larger size image file