ACA Celebrates School Counselors

The American Counseling Association celebrates school counselors and their work in schools across the nation during National School Counseling Week, Feb. 3 – 7, 2020.

We know that, often, you are the first counselor a student encounters in their lifetime. We also know that, to each and every one of your students, you are a pivotal figure who can answer the important questions—about mental health, academic success, college and career planning and more.

We stand together with your students—the 56.6 million learners currently enrolled in the elementary, middle and high schools in the United States and the 19.9 million students attending U.S. colleges and universities—to say we couldn’t do it without you!

You inspire us. You comfort us. You help us find the right path for our own personal success.

School Counselors Make a World of Difference

The work of today’s school counselor is multifaceted and can vary from career development to supporting students who are experiencing emotional and academic challenges. As trained mental health professionals, school counselors strive to build safe, positive, and trusting relationships with their students. 

How School Counselors Help

  • They are good listeners, and students can talk to them about almost anything, without judgement.
  • They strive to maintain confidentiality as much as possible, while following their code of ethics, as well as all pertinent federal, state, and school district regulations.
  • They help students with anxiety, depression, trauma, and addiction.
  • They work with students to develop strategies to deal with anger.
  • They are a good sounding board for family issues.
  • They help students navigate relationship issues.
  • They advocate on students’ behalf.

Resources for Professional School Counselors

Choosing to become a school counselor is a selfless decision to support, guide and advocate to help others grow and thrive. As the professional home for all counselors, we are here to provide you with the same level of support and care you give.

Explore our National School Counselor Week-featured tools and resources for school counselors below.

Get Connected: Tools and Resources to Help You Every Day

School Counselor Connection is our resource center created specifically for school counselors. You'll find the latest resources to address topics such as the academic, personal/social and college- and career-readiness needs of students; counselor licensure requirements; ethics; career opportunities; legislative advocacy; trauma and disaster relief; and school counseling research.

Show Your School Counseling Pride

Professional school counselors support, guide and advocate for students.
Download, Print and Post Your Free School Counseling Poster


Show Your School Pride:

1. Download poster: 8.5 x 11 or 11 x 17
2. Print poster
3. Hang poster in a prominent location in your school or office.



Show Your School Pride

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