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On Tuesday, November 17, at 7 p.m. Eastern, the candidates for ACA president-elect (whose term begins on July 1, 2021) participated in a Q&A forum to discuss their qualifications for representing the association and leading the ACA Governing Council in achieving its strategic goals

A recording of the event can be found here. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are encouraging all of our members to vote electronically to help stop the spread of the virus. Please log into your ACA membership profile and update your email address—voting instructions are shared via email only. If you need assistance or have questions, please contact our Membership Engagement Team at 800-298-2276. 


Election FAQ

How do I vote?
Check your email! On December 1, ACA will send an email containing a specific username and password you must use to vote. You must use this username and password because it is tied to your ACA membership, and it will allow you to vote in the elections that are open to you. 

Please note that you will not be able to use your ACA username and password to vote. If you have any difficulty retrieving your unique login information for voting, please contact Votenet at 1-866-984-3125 between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm ET.

Is there a deadline? 
Yes. The deadline to vote is January 31, 2021 at 11:59pm ET. We’ll be sending several reminder emails prior to the deadline. 

I let my membership lapse, but renewed recently. Can I still vote? 
Only members in good standing as of October 31, 2020 will be eligible to vote in the 2020-2021 ACA Elections. 

Can I get a paper ballot?
Due to the ongoing pandemic, we will not be offering paper ballots this year. Please contact our Member Engagement Team for assistance with online voting.

Does my vote really matter?
YES! As a member of ACA, your vote will ultimately help to choose the individuals who may make decisions on your behalf. It’s important to know where they stand, and vote in every election. The more members who vote, the more accurate the counseling profession’s representation will be. We’re all in this together! 

When will we learn the results? 
Election results will be communicated in February 2021.

How were these candidates nominated? 
ACA President-elect nominations come directly from ACA Division and Region leaders. ACA Divisions and Regions have their own processes for putting forth nominations. Contact your Division or Region to learn more. 

What is the voting process for the American Counseling Association President-elect?
ACA Bylaws dictate that the President-elect will be elected by the majority vote of ACA members in good standing as of November 1 of the current year in which voting begins. The method of tallying votes is through the “Hare System,” also known as “Instant-runoff voting (IRV).”

Members have the option of rank ordering the candidates (1, 2, 3, 4, 5…with “1” being your first choice). The candidate who receives the majority (50% + 1) of first choice votes, is declared the winner and is elected ACA’s President-elect. For each round of voting, if there is no first choice majority, the candidate with the smallest number of first choice votes is eliminated.

The second choices of the voters whose first choice were eliminated are then considered first choices and distributed among the candidates remaining. This process is continued, eliminating at each stage the candidate with the least first choice votes and redistributing the next choice votes for eliminated candidates until a majority (50% + 1) for one candidate is obtained. This process ensures that the preference of more than 50% of those voting will elect ACA’s President-elect.