5. Members-only Discounts and Offers

Take advantage of serious savings.

aca memberACA currently provides malpractice liability insurance, through its partnership with HPSO, to more than 20,000+ Master’s students currently enrolled in a counseling program.

All members have access to exclusive discounts on professional malpractice liability, auto, home, and personal insurance products, in addition to discounts on car rentals, hotels, products to assist with co-payment processing, and other lifestyle products from industry leaders. Learn more here.

Members also receive a FREE 6-month profile on Psychology Today’s Therapy Directory (valued at $180). Offer does not apply if you currently have or had a previous profile on Therapy Directory.

Should you ever have questions or concerns about any aspect of your membership, ACA Member Information Specialists are only a phone call or a “Live Chat” screen away.

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