2. Counseling Awareness & Recognition

Share your expertise.

ACA maintains a regular presence in the news and continues to be an active contributor to a growing national dialogue on mental health and mental health services. Members have been highlighted in publications such as USA TodayUS News & World ReportParenting magazine, Washington PostHuffington PostPsychology TodayChristian Science Monitor, and more. Click here to review recent coverage. We regularly recruit members to serve as sources for our strategic public relations efforts. 

Join us on the front lines of licensure portability.

ACA and 28 other participating organizations voted to endorse the Building Blocks to Portability licensure title and licensure scope of practice, as developed through the 20/20: A Vision for the Future of Counseling project. The organizations endorsed Licensed Professional Counselor as the licensure title to be used by all state licensing boards. They also endorsed a scope of practice for licensing boards that focuses on individual, group, couples, and family counseling; mental health wellness; development across the lifespan; crisis intervention; the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders; consultation and program evaluation; supervision; and the ability to practice independently. For more information and updates, click here.

Help to spread the word about the power of counseling.

A special ACA education program is now reaching more than two and a half million newspaper readers each week with practical advice related to counseling issues. "Counseling Corner" columns address issues ranging from parent-teen communications to career issues to recognizing depression and more. While the columns offer tips and advice for dealing with minor problems, their overall goal is to help people recognize the many issues for which the counseling profession provides help, and to encourage readers to seek out that help when serious problems are affecting their lives. Learn more about “Counseling Corner” columns here.

counselorscareYearly Counseling Awareness Month (April) activities get members involved in educating the public about the counselor profession: publicity contests, member spotlights and interviews, social media campaigns, and more. See past campaigns here and here.  

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