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Falun Gong and Its Applications to Counseling: Case Examples

Margaret Trey


Eastern meditative approaches have existed since time immemorial in traditional cultures, predating Christianity. That these disciplines are still being practiced today indicates that these traditional practices were and still are beneficial to humankind. Although their integration with counseling is still foreign for some, many in the West have embraced these practices as a way of life for their health and well-being. This trend has encouraged many counselors to follow suit in order to cater to the varied and ever-changing needs of their clients. Falun Gong is one such mind-body, spiritual meditative system that holds promise for counseling integration. The practice’s beneficial effects and integration possibilities remain relatively unknown and undocumented. The main purpose of this paper is to present case examples illustrating the benefits of the practice and the feasibility of integrating Falun Gong with counseling—to help people toward self-healing and realizing their purpose in life.

Keywords: Falun Gong, Falun Dafa, meditation, cultivation practice, benefits,
health, wellness

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