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Scholarly Writing Groups: A Source of Support for Early Career Counseling Faculty and Doctoral Students

Rodney E. Pennamon, Lauren J. Moss, and Sarah I. Springer


The unstructured nature of the academic environment necessitates individuals to organize and prioritize their time in productive ways. With writing productivity as a primary desired outcome for many early career counseling faculty and doctoral students, many academics look for sources of support to help facilitate the writing process. Writing groups are one strategy used by many academics to structure their time and construct a source of accountability. While these scholars might indicate that they have experienced some levels of success working with others during a writing process, they may not be able to articulate what it was, exactly, that the writing group provided to create a productive and supportive
writing process. This article explores a variety of scholarly writing group types, options for application of writing groups in the counselor education field, and suggests further areas of research that may help scholars to better understand the intricacies and impact of scholarly writing groups.

Keywords: writing groups, scholarship, collaboration

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