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Personal Counseling Factors Among Counseling Trainees: Results From a Nationwide Survey

J. Stephen Byrne and Alisha R. Ost


This article explores graduate counseling students’ attitudes and behaviors regarding their personal counseling (or lack thereof). From a nationwide sample (n = 574), 73% of respondents endorsed a history of personal counseling, most commonly for anxiety or relationship distress. Students in mental health counseling programs were more likely than students in school counseling programs to have sought counseling. Non-consumers reported that they received support in other ways or did not need counseling, but some would consider seeking professional help if they experienced a traumatic event or a significant loss. Counseling consumers scored higher on measures of neuroticism and openness to experience than non-consumers. Implications for  counseling trainees and counselor education programs are discussed, as well as limitations of the study and
future directions.

Keywords: personal counseling, training programs, counseling, school counseling, mental health counseling

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