Vistas Online 2016

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Socio-Emotional Vulnerabilities in Homeless Women: A Qualitative Study

Whitney J. Cain, Loretta J. Bradley, Peggy P. Whiting, and Edward E. Moody


Research documents varied socio-emotional risks predicting and exacerbating
homelessness. Many of these risk factors are shared among homeless subpopulations. However, some risk factors are unique to specific homeless populations and these influence the course and treatment of homeless persons in powerful ways. The current study explored 28 homeless women’s childhood memories using a grounded-theory approach. Based on the findings, the authors advocate counselors become versed in trauma-informed care as a means of lessening risk, bolstering resilience, and increasing trauma recovery in homeless populations generally and homeless women specifically.
Keywords: homelessness, homeless women, trauma, trauma-informed care

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