Vistas Online 2016

VISTAS Online is an innovative publication produced for ACA by Dr. Garry R. Walz and Dr. Jeanne C. Bleuer of Counseling Outfitters, LLC. Its purpose is to provide a means of capturing the ideas, information and experiences generated by the annual ACA Conference and selected ACA Division Conferences. Papers on a program or practice that has been validated through research or experience may also be submitted. This digital collection of peer-reviewed articles is authored by counselors, for counselors. VISTAS Online contains the full text of over 900 proprietary counseling articles published from 2004 to 2017.


Ego Development and Student Counselors’ Phenomenological Experiences in Live Supervision

J. Lloyd-Hazlett and Karena J. Heyward


An interpretive phenomenological qualitative research design was used to explore student counselors’ experiences in live supervision, with specific attention to ego development as a potential lens shaping student counselors’ experiences. Participants (N = 9) completed the Washington University Sentence Completion Test (WUSCT) and semi-structured interviews. Three primary themes emerged: (a) roles, (b) processes, and (c) outcomes. Findings were considered from the perspective of ego development. Implications for counselor preparation and future research are suggested.

Keywords: live supervision, ego development, phenomenology, family counseling

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