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Digital Confidentiality: A Holistic Security Model for Counselors

Timothy D. Baker


Counselors use technology widely (Cabaniss, 2002), for such purposes as training (Berry, Srebalus, Cromer, & Takacs, 2003; Chandras, 2000), and assessment (Lundberg & Cobitz, 1999), as well as communication with clients. The potential for technology to improve treatment services exists, but substantial barriers exist to the successful implementation of information technology (IT) principles in clinical settings (Wisdom, Ford, & McCarty, 2010). Indeed, these challenges are not unique to the counseling profession, but are faced by practitioners in the allied health professions (Briscoe et al., 2006; Curry, 2011). A general threat is the possibility of a malicious agent causing breach of information, known as “hacking” (Saporito, 2011). Hacking attacks have been sensationalized in the news media, with breaches suffered by the financial industry, sophisticated entities such as weapons contractors, military forces, and national governments (Albanesius, 2012; Goodin, 2011a; Goodin, 2011b; Schactman, 2011;). And yet, counselors who use electronic tools while serving clients have ethical and legal obligations to keep confidentiality (American Counseling Association, 2005; Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996). Before entering into a counseling relationship, a client reasonably might ask: What security measures are in place to safeguard private data?

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