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Facebook and Social Media: Implications for Counseling College Students

David A. DeLambo, Debra Homa, Robert H. Peters, Amy M. DeLambo, and Kananur V. Chandras


As an application that promotes a deep sharing between the individual and other FB users, FB seems to employ therapeutic variables similar to those that counselors use to promote openness. For example, according to Corsini and Wedding (1995), empathy, unconditional positive regard, and congruence are the key qualities that the counselor provides within session. When these variables are present, the client is more apt to open up and relay information that is related to pathology. When the counselor displays congruence (i.e., genuineness), unconditional positive regard (i.e., non-critical stance toward client), and empathy (i.e., an accurate understanding of the client), the client likely will “open” up to the counselor. FB and other social media outlets provide an outlet that allows clients to disclose rich and personal information regarding the self. In this regard, FB may be an efficient tool to gather pertinent counseling information.

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